Diesel Delivery

EasyFill is a friendly brand in Diesel to home/Office delivery in Nigeria offering convenience and total peace-of-mind through 100% reliable and fair-priced supply of high-quality Diesel for domestic/business use and through remarkably easy-to-deal-with, friendly and personalized service.

Our services address the following areas
Trucking Operations
A. Scheduled Delivery: Supply and delivery of diesel to the different
locations the petroleum product is required using our metered truck. This is aimed at reducing the cost and problems associated problems with diesel delivery operations.
B. Cost: With our approach, the costs associated with getting diesel are reduced to an email or a sixty (60) seconds phone call at the most.
C. Quality: The quality of our petroleum product is key to what we do, important to our clients as well and as such and we are always willing to subject our petroleum products to independent testing before delivery.

Bunkering Operations

EasyFill Energy Services Limited has a vibrant and growing marine division as
reputable supplier of marine bunkers, equipment and materials. Our bunkering
operations keep vessels and / or ships focused on the cargo being transported in
collaboration with licensed and reputable Bunker Fuel trade partners within the marine environment. We deliver or dispense diesel fuel around the shores of Nigeria working closely with the regulators (DPR) and the Nigerian Navy within the waterways of the nation.
We have successfully delivered petroleum products (AGO (diesel oil) PMS, etc)
and Marine Lubricants to our international clients offshore Nigeria in Particular.
We will give rest of mind as our strategy lies in repeat business.
We supply the following:
– Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)
– Lubricating Oil (LUBEOIL)
– Grease      
– EasyFill Energy Services maintain high level of safety and security in all our
transactions and assigned contracts even in the face of growing security threats our clients, Strickland Energy, TOPAZ Energy, T1 Marine, Ocean Marine Ltd and others, can always rely on our delivery of good quality petroleum products.

LPG Delivery

Our LPG Delivery Service offers the trucking of LPG to plants and commercial
outlets eliminating the need for logistics on the of our customers.
This service includes:
A. Cost Competitiveness: We guarantee the best possible piece the market
has to offer.
B. Scheduled Delivery: This service is designed for businesses, we that keep
your cooking gas tanks stocked and your business moving forward.

Our Highly effective LPG pickup and refill service is quite popular, with our dedication to pristine service. We have managed to create a niche for ourselves and a very strong customer base.

Hence our need to go beyond the refill service and add OFF-Taking of LPG to our ever growing portfolio.


Cooking Accessories

EasyFill Energy Services aims at delivering convenient services and that goes beyond Diesel and cooking gas. We have top quality cooking accessories, sourced from the best companies in the market. Our accessories cover the likes of hose valves, regulators, burners, cooking gloves, gas lighters and more. As a brand, EasyFill is built on the vision of bringing convenience to our customers and eliminating all concerns related to the products we offer.


Our LPG Delivery Sequence

Contact us to start your delivery > Confirm quantity >Select Delivery Date and Payment Method > Pickup and Refill > Delivery > Enjoy Life and Business

Our AGO Delivery Sequence

Contact us to start your delivery > Confirm quantity > Select Delivery Date and Payment Method > Delivery > Enjoy Life and Business