Five Basic safety tips for using gas cookers/stoves

In parts of Nigeria where stable power supply is as unpredictable as climate change, people resort to the use of gas stoves and cookers among other others for their cooking. These gas stoves or cookers are either mounted separately or used directly on the cylinders (camping gas). Whichever way the gas is set up or used, it is undoubtedly important to maintain safety precautions around gas cylinders and gas cookers. There are very important safety tips to adhere to around gas cookers.

Just in case you are wondering why you should adhere to these tips? Only last year 2019; The University of Port Harcourt recorded over 50 burn cases. The report shows that 85% of these accidents could have been avoided if more caution was applied while using gas stoves and cookers.

We need to keep safe for ourselves and our loved ones. So here are five basic and easy to follow safety tips if you’ve got a gas cooker or gas stove at home.

 • Do not make telephone calls around a gas cooker while it is in use.

 • Keep inflammables away from the kitchen area.

 • Always double check the regulator knob after turning the gas off.

 • Never let an underaged child use the gas cooker unsupervised.

 • If there is suspicion of a leakage, do not use the gas cooker until it is properly inspected.