Price of diesel today

Price HIKE of petroleum products in nigeria today

The price of petroleum products is currently on the rise and continues to raise concerns among businesses and end-users. For a nation like Nigeria, which is the sixth-largest exporter of crude oil in the world, petroleum should be an important product for the country.  It can be rightly argued that crude oil is one commodity

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Five Basic safety tips for using gas cookers/stoves

In parts of Nigeria where stable power supply is as unpredictable as climate change, people resort to the use of gas stoves and cookers among other others for their cooking. These gas stoves or cookers are either mounted separately or used directly on the cylinders (camping gas). Whichever way the gas is set up or used,

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dangers of adulterated diesel

Dangers of adulterated diesel “kpo-fire” to Health

Adulterated diesel popularly known as “kpo-fire” continues to dominate the AGO market. End-users prefer to patronise the much cheaper substance. Kpo-fire which is a mixture of kerosene and petrol is refined locally and illegally then distributed locally for consumption. The economic implications of adulterated diesel cannot be overemphasized. However this article isn’t focused on the

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